A Message To Those Who Are New To aPrivateTalk.com

Welcome! We appreciate the time you are taking to look over our site and make some decisions about entering the counseling process for a brief time to get answers, or for longer term to resolve conflicts which have plagued you for many years.

We want you to know that the counselors at aPrivateTalk.com are here to help, whatever your needs, in a safe and secure environment which promotes healing and clarity.

The professionals on our staff of counselors are caring and experienced, with at least 10 years of treatment experience in all types of settings. We work with people who need help with depression, sexual problems, anxiety, marital problems, gender issues, relationship problems, fears and phobias, communication problems, verbalization of feelings, behavior problems, habits and unresolved issues from abuse and neglect from childhood and adulthood.

We work with adults over the age of 18 and feel that children are better served in a face to face environment. If you are experiencing confusion, fear, or are having negative emotional moods, we’re here to help you get back to the self you once knew, and most likely a better way of feeling and thinking.

To begin, there are three steps:

  1. Add time to your account for Chat, Email, or Telephone sessions. Click Here.
    Chat and Telephone are for a minimum of 60 Minutes to begin. Email may be selected for as little at 30 Minutes. You may want frequent sessions to begin, and then as you get to know your therapist (and they get to know all about the problem you need help with) you may chose to have sessions once a week or so. The frequency is up to you.

  2. Complete the questionnaire to provide us with some preliminary information about yourself and the type of help you need. Click here for the Questionnaire

  3. Write to us at AFN.aPrivateTalk@gmail.com to give us your first “session” if you have chosen email sessions. If you have chosen Chat or Telephone, please write to us at AFN.aPrivateTalk@gmail.com to let us know a good day and time for you to meet. We’ll write back with any additional information we need to give you, or with further details needed to arrange your meeting time.

    That’s all there is to it – an easy process to begin. Please read the informed consent information we send to you, and reply with a note saying that you have read it and that you consent to treatment with one of the aPrivateTalk.com counselors. We look forward to working with you and the opportunity to help to make your life better, easier, and more fun than ever before!

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    The Staff at aPrivateTalk.com