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An Old Book Revisited
Stop driving yourself crazy by holding onto irrational beliefs. From Don't Believe it for a Minute by Lazarus, Ph.D. and Fay, MD

These are Truths Some People Take a Long Time to Believe!
  • Recreation is NOT a Waste of Time; it is Critical for Balance in Your Life
  • You're NOT Better Off When You Can Control Other People
  • It's NOT Healthy to Blow Off Steam at the Expense of Others
  • Family and Friends Don't Have to Love You No Matter How You Act
  • Kindness Will NOT Overcome Unkindness. Don't be a Victim
  • Sometimes it is Needed to Say Things That Might Hurt Others' Feelings
  • Perfection Should NOT Be Your Goal.  It Slows Down Your Personal Growth
  • Don't be afraid to say YES, you always retain the option to change your mind
  • Ultimatums do NOT Settle Disputes. They Increase Distance in Intimacy
  • Total Honesty is NOT always the Best Policy, and Timing is Important Too
  • Inconsiderate Relatives and Friends do NOT Deserve the Silent Treatment
  • You Can NOT Achieve "Anything You Set Your Mind To"
  • Always doing it yourself does not promote team work
  • When Things Go Wrong, do NOT Look for Someone to Blame
  • Punishment is NOT Good Discipline;It Requires Education
  • Do NOT Keep Your Feelings to Yourself  Or You'll Feel Even More Alone
  • First Impressions do NOT Tell You What People Are Really Like
  • Your Parents' Approval is NOT Most Important  Your Approval Is
  • Success and Money do NOT Lead to Happiness,  Relationships Do
  • Once a Victim, Always a Victim Thinking Can be Changed
  • Admire Your Own Qualities to Show Self Love To Others and Yourself
  • Criticism is NOT a Good Way to Correct People's Mistakes
  • Be Selfish; Putting Others First Conveys You are Worth-Less
  • Your Spouse Won't Always Love Your Parents and Family
  • We All Do NOT do Our Best When We Have High Expectations
  • It is NOT Important to Be Liked By Everyone
  • Problems do NOT Go Away If You Ignore Them
  • If You Play, You do NOT Have to Always Play to Win
  • Do NOT Have Definite Rules for Yourself and Others
  • Someone Who Truly Loves You Does NOT Know What You Need
  • Insults Are NOT Bound to Be Upsetting, Only When You Believe Them
  • Being Hard on Yourself is NOT Good for You
  • An Apology Does NOT Always Wipe the Slate Clean
  • To Change You do NOT Need to Understand the Reasons for Your Behavior
  • Do NOT Cover Your Mistakes; The Important Thing is to Grow by Them
  • You Won't Go Right If You Follow Your Gut Feelings. They are Often Wrong
  • Life is NOT Always Fair. Make it The Best That You Can
  • Happily Married People Do Have Sexual Feelings for Others at Times
  • Be Flexible - Your Word is NOT Your Bond and Sometimes Needs to Change
  • Suffering and Hard Work do NOT Build Character

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